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Schedule a Counseling Appointment

Before getting started

Be sure to review the following to make sure you're ready to begin:

There are two easy ways to get started

Create a Client Portal account/log in* and click on "New Appointment."


Send an e-mail with your contact information and preferred date and time to

Next Steps

Once you're in the client portal, you will be able to:

  1. Complete and submit the necessary Intake Paperwork** (see the forms section) to become a new client,

  2. Receive and complete the additional Intake Questionnaire** which will be sent through the portal, and

  3. Request your first (Intake) appointment through the portal’s Appointment Request feature.

After your appointment request is confirmed, you will receive an emailed confirmation of your appointment as well as an invitation to your online appointment with Google Meet access information. Shortly before your session, you can log into Google Meet and your session will begin at the scheduled time.

We look forward to working with you soon!

*Creating an account does not make an individual a client of the practice. If a Client Portal account is created and an individual has not requested an appointment within a couple weeks of account creation, the account will be archived due to inactivity. An individual becomes a client of the practice once they have attended at least one appointment.

**All paperwork should be completed and submitted by at least the day before your first appointment.

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