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Social Media Notice

This notice applies to all forms of social media platforms/contact, such as Facebook and Instagram. For more information about how personal information may be collected or used via social media, visit:


Your access, use of, or engagement with business/counselor’s social media constitutes your acknowledgment of the following terms.


Emergency Notice: Social media accounts are not regularly monitored, and social media cannot be used for communicating emergency or life-threatening situations. If you are in urgent need of support or you are experiencing an emergency or life-threatening situation, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.


Purpose: The business and counselor maintain social media accounts for the purposes of marketing and promotion of services and events. These social media accounts also serve to destigmatize mental health, encourage help-seeking, and deliver helpful information. Although the both the public and clients may benefit from the content provided via social media, social media accounts and content are not meant as a substitute for counseling or other professional services.


Access and Use: Access, use, and engagement via social media is voluntary and is appropriate for adults age 18 years or older. Use of social media, such as accessing information, “liking,” “following,” messaging, or otherwise engaging with the business/counselor on social media in any way does not constitute therapy nor a therapeutic relationship and is not a substitute for professional services.


Privacy: Social media accounts and activity are public, not private, so those who use social media must understand that social media is neither a confidential nor secure method of communication. Social networking sites are not an appropriate place to share personal or sensitive information and is not an appropriate way to inquire about services or treatment. Please reserve clinical or personal discussions for your discussions with your treatment professionals.


Reviews: Social media and other online sources are places of public forum. Professional ethics prevent business/counselor from soliciting reviews. Reviews listed on social media sites and elsewhere online are voluntary/unsolicited and may or may not be from real people/accounts who have had contact with or accessed services from business/counselor.


Questions or Concerns: Please contact Rebecca Stone at 407-358-6599 with questions or concerns.

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