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Rebecca Stone, MA, LMHC-QS (or "Becky" for short) is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Qualified Clinical Supervisor (LMHC-QS) in the state of Florida. She is the owner of Stone Counseling & Consulting Services, LLC where she provides both mental health counseling and consulting services. She also loves being a developing training programs and workshops and serving as a facilitator for mental health programs and workshops.


As part of her consulting services, Becky develops programs and trainings and serves as a guest speaker and facilitator. She enjoys and is energized by developing and facilitating individual, team, and organizational growth through customized workshops, trainings, and programs. She also helps mental health providers enhance their knowledge or services with her supervision services, therapist consultation services, and continuing education programs. She offers trainings and e-courses to help mental health professionals expand their knowledge and skills.


Becky's experience includes:

  • providing hundreds of hours of outreach to Stetson University students, staff, and faculty through learning outcomes-oriented outreach (presentations, workshops, trainings, and programs) she developed and facilitated,

  • presenting at national counseling conferences for which attendees were awarded continuing education credit for their licensure,

  • developing and offering e-courses and training programs for mental health providers, and

  • developing and delivering employee wellness programs for local companies and organizations


Attendees and participants in Becky's programs have consistently  provided positive feedback regarding the information provided, the delivery methods, and the learning that has occurred as a result of the programs.

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