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About Counseling

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

Life can be tough. We are here to help!

Are you:


  • Struggling with your mental health?

  • Going through a change or adjustment in life?

  • Seeking a safe space to explore your concerns?

  • Wanting to identify your roadblocks?

  • Looking for ways around or through those roadblocks?


Counseling, AKA therapy, is an interactive process which can help you address a variety of concerns and learn a lot of great skills and tools to help you get through life's difficulties. Counseling can help you identify your strengths and build your skills and resilience in support of autonomy.

"Life challenges are bound to occur -- personally, socially, academically, and in our careers. Seeking counseling or consulting is a sign of strength, as it is often difficult to ask for help. Counseling can be incredibly rewarding and life-changing if you invest in the process. I aim to provide support to clients who are experiencing challenges, seeking personal growth or a career change, and anything in between."

- Becky Stone, M.A., LMHC

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