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Comfort in the Chaos

Food for thought: There's a certain "comfort in the chaos" and yet the chaos also causes discomfort.

Do you find yourself engaging in the same cycles or patterns, continually saying something needs to change, yet nothing significantly changes? Familiarity can keep us in a comfortable place even if things are uncomfortable or bad. It can sometimes feel easier to stick with "the devil you know" than to make a change and not know what the outcome will be.

This is common and can be impacted my many factors. In many cases, it can be fear and limiting beliefs that tell us we "can't do it," it's too difficult, or that changes won't result in things being any better.

You won't know until you try. Baby steps can make changes easier, and you can learn every step of the way and make any necessary adjustments as you go.

Repeat this: I can make different choices and take action to help affect change with those things that make me feel uncomfortable.


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