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Don't wait to get support

Updated: 5 days ago

Eleven (11) years is a looooong time to be feeling like you're not "you" or functioning at your best. Without treatment, in many cases, the symptoms can multiply or worsen over time. Seeking treatment earlier is key to faster improvements and/or prevention of things further declining.

Many factors can affect someone getting timely treatment such as:

  • The messages we receive/hear about mental health,

  • The expectations we have about what mental health is or isn't/what's "normal" or not,

  • The expectations we have for ourselves or from others about what we "should" be able to deal with on our own,

  • The perception that things have to be "bad enough" to seek treatment,

  • The stigmas that still exist around mental health or treatment,

  • Difficulties with accessing treatment,

  • Fears or concerns about treatment or change,

  • Symptoms which create barriers to seeking treatment,

  • and more!

Seeking help can make it feel like you're "weak." In reality, seeking help shows great bravery and courage, and is an important piece in helping you live a better life.

Supporting those who are struggling is important, and encouraging them to reach out for help can be the support they need.

Don't wait. Start earlier and feel better faster!



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