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Love Can Feel Like It Hurts

Have you or someone you know said "love hurts" or expressed having physical pain related to a social even that felt painful?

Social pain is real and can come as a result from a variety of reasons, such as missing someone, experiencing a breakup, feeling rejected or betrayed, experiencing abandonment, and so on.

There's a reason why it feels as though "love hurts." Because it literally does! Research has revealed that the brain regions which are affected by physical pain and social pain share sensory brain regions. So, when someone feels social pain, it can activate a physical pain response.

The difference, though, is that we typically remember (and keep thinking about) much more of the details related to social pain and less about physical pain. Given this, physical pain often fades/heals more quickly whereas social pain can linger much longer.

Take care of yourself when you feel social pain.

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