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  • Writer's pictureRebecca Stone, LMHC

Love Thyself

Are you continuously seeking validation and/or confirmation of your worth from others? Are you feeling "let down by them" often?

When we seek approval from others, their validation of our feelings, confirmation that we're valued and worthy from others, we are often setting ourselves up for disappointment. Oftentimes, we will not get what we're seeking or it won't feel like it's "enough" if we don't first give ourselves validation and love, and believe it!

Become friends with yourself.

Give yourself credit.

Recognize your strengths and contributions.

Practice self-compassion.

Acknowledge your worth.

Build yourself up.

Love yourself.

Honor yourself.

Believe in yourself.

This can be difficult to achieve and takes effort to maintain, but internal validation will always pay off. When you have internal validation, the external validation will serve as the "cherry on top" rather than the thing you're continually missing and seeking.



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