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Authenticity in Counseling

A tidbit about me: I love being authentic, genuine, and real with my clients. Some therapeutic approaches require the therapist to be a "blank slate" of sorts, and that works for some therapists and clients. That approach doesn't work for me, though; I like to "show up" and be real.

Therapy can be hard; talking about topics which seem uncomfortable or "taboo" can feel even harder. I see myself as a human-as-a-therapist, and I know my realness can help clients feel more connected, and that helps clients feel more comfortable to take risks, step outside their comfort zone, be vulnerable, and talk about difficult topics.

Session topics can vary from everyday stresses to suicide, from navigating relationships to sexual concerns, from new beginnings to fears about death/dying. Literally anything can be discussed and explored. No topic is off-limits.

I love helping clients explore their concerns and helping them identify ways to improve the various areas of their lives. I am grateful to be able to sit with clients in their pain, celebrate their wins with them, and joke with them when humor is the key. I am honored to get to hold a safe space for clients to explore their darkest thoughts and experiences, reflect on their greatest accomplishments, and even discuss how to communicate their kinkiest desires with their partner.

The human in me sees the human in you. The counselor in me is here to help you.

To all my clients -- past, present, and future -- thank you for allowing me to peek into your world and support you with whatever you need.


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