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Combat Stress and Increase Self-Esteem

Trying to make the best of some the difficult circumstances that have come along in 2020? Consider doing esteemable acts.

Esteemable acts -- things that align with your values and beliefs which support yourself or others -- can help offset lower mood and how we experience difficulties while also boosting self-esteem and self-confidence.

Examples of esteemable acts supporting yourself: Making your bed, cooking a meal, exercising, practicing self-care, learning something new, making something, completing a project.

Examples of esteemable acts supporting others (and also making you feel good): holding a door open for someone, donating clothing/supplies/money/blood to those in need, thanking a soldier/veteran for their service, volunteering, helping an elderly neighbor, mentoring a child.


What esteemable acts make you feel great?


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