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Let's Grow!

Today is #nationalpsychotherapyday. Just as the seasons change, so can we. When we learn, grow, and progress, we are in a constant state of becoming. Therapy can help that progression, or the changing of your seasons. Therapy still has a stigma despite more and more people attending counseling. The benefits of therapy are many, from improvement in one's ability to handle difficult life events or cope with difficult emotions, to improved relationships and self-confidence. Everyone can benefit from therapy at some point in their lives. Just today, I had two clients spontaneously share how thankful they are to have chosen to participate in therapy with me. They've each experienced many benefits of therapy and it has positively impacted their respective lives. They thanked me for helping them. Yes, I help facilitate their grown, but I encouraged them to reflect on and recognize their efforts: they were the ones that made the choice to do something differently, showed up, and put in the effort. Therapy is cool. Take care of Number One, that's you! (No one else can care for yourself like you can Let's grow.



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