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  • Writer's pictureRebecca Stone, LMHC

Love Thyself

Loving someone can be wonderful, and challenging, and painful, and messy. It requires bravery and courage and risk.

Loving yourself can oftentimes be even harder than loving another. Loving yourself means that you need to embrace your positive qualities as well as your flaws. It means that you need to put yourself first, love yourself, care for yourself, treat yourself nicely, be your own best friend. If you are able to do that, you will set the precedent for how others will treat you. If they don't treat you well, loving yourself will also help you make decisions about who to let go of in your life. You can still have love or caring feelings for someone and let them go.

My wish for you is that you love yourself the most. Treat and talk to yourself as though you are someone you love.

Happy Valentine's Day!



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