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Recognizing Your Worth

Valuing ourselves and knowing that we're enough makes all the difference in how we interact with others and how much we're willing to "take" from others. Much of the time, our worth or perception of whether we are enough comes from undervaluing ourselves and our contributions, feedback from others, what we think others think of us, or some made up expectations (and the bar is usually set too high or constantly moving).

You get to choose what you think about yourself and what you want to take from feedback others give you. You can take responsibility for loving yourself just the way you are and choosing what you value.

You are enough. With your strengths and areas for improvement. With you good days and not so good days. With what you are able to give and your shortcomings. Every day we have a different amount of energy and love to give, and that's okay. Even if you don't feel you were at your best today or yesterday, or if you're not at your best tomorrow, you're still enough. You. Are. Enough.


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