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Tips for Coping with 2020

Level of Concern by Twenty One Pilots was was released in 2020 release and this song is so apropos for the year.

Who feels panicky with all that's going on in the world, all of the change, unrest, and uncertainty?

I don't know anyone who isn't impacted in some way; we've all been impacted somehow -- some more than others.

Often, we look to the news for guidance but even that we're questioning these days. We look to others who may be knowledgeable or considered experts. We look to outside sources for support and assurance.

Sometimes, we're relying on those who are closest to us and they may "walk by like [they] never heard" what you said or what you need.

Not relying on external support can be really important for those who feel there not getting what they need.

Providing your own assurance (internal support and coping) can be difficult these days, but it is possible. Here are some tips:

  • Limit exposure to negativity/misleading information - go directly to sources you feel you can trust.

  • Take a break from social media if content or interactions on there are increasing stress or confusion.

  • If you want to stay connected on social media, unfollow accounts that are unhelpful and follow accounts that fill your feed with helpful or inspiring content.

  • Communicate with those who do listen to and support you.

  • Look at the facts you know yo be true/accurate and make the best decisions you can based on that information.

  • Grieve your losses - there may be many: structure, stability, jobs, loved ones, safety, security, and more.

  • Do your best to take care of your holistic wellness and know that every day will be different. It's okay to do the bare minimum some days and rock all-the-things on other days.

  • If your thoughts run away with you, tell them to "stop" (it may even help to envision a stop light or stop sign) and/or to challenge your thoughts with realistic alternative thoughts.

  • Connect with a therapist if you're feeling overwhelmed or depressed, or you just need an unbiased professional to help you talk through things.



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