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To Stay Online or Transition Back to In-Person?

Who's tired of all-the-things being on screens? We all are. Unfortunately, it's still the safest way to connect with people for now.

With that said, some clients may benefit from in-person services, as the potential benefits could outweigh the risks for some. Given that, I've just published my policy and procedures for safe re-opening for in-person services.

In short, telehealth (online) appointments are still preferred and will remain available. All clients will be seen via telehealth until it is determined that in-person appointments are necessary/appropriate. An additional consent form must be completed prior to meeting in-person and there are a bunch of precautions I and clients must jointly commit to accordingly.

My goal is to ensure the best course of action for everyone's wellness and safety, and that we do it thoughtfully and carefully.

More info about my policy and procedure is available on the pop-up window on my website home page.



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