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What counseling and pressure washing have in common

Sometimes life and counseling are like pressure washing.

Things might not look that bad until you:

  1. Notice something is off or doesn't look/feel quite right,

  2. Pay attention to the fact that something needs attention and identify where to start,

  3. Get guidance, access the tools you need, and practice how to use them,

  4. Start working on the thing more skillfully, and

  5. Peel back the layers to discover it likely needed more attention than you originally realized...

Then comes ongoing maintenance.

And sometimes you find that, once you start attending to one thing, there's more stuff you notice that needs attention.

Don't get discouraged, though. Even though it's hard work, the results are so beneficial and gratifying.

I might be strange, but I love pressure washing! I think I first learned to use a pressure washer around 8 and I loved it ever since. I'm a progress-oriented person and I love to see the fruits of my labor, preferably relatively immediately. Pressure washing is so therapeutic for me, especially when everything else feels like it's at a standstill. Things feel cleaner, fresher, brighter, and I can see the immediate effects.

Put in the effort to do what makes you feel good.


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