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  • Writer's pictureRebecca Stone, LMHC

You don't have to stay in it just because you're used to it.

People may repeatedly experience dissatisfaction, disappointment, or pain from some aspect of their life, such as work or a relationship.

Humans are creatures of habit and change makes us uncomfortable.

We may also be waiting around for things to change or someone else to change/make a decision, as removing ourselves from the responsibility of making difficult choices often feels "easier" than making the decision ourselves. By waiting for something/someone to change, people often hand over the power or control of their lives or their happiness to others.

Combine these together and you'll find that people may stay stuck in situations that repeatedly cause them dissatisfaction, disappointment, or pain because they're "used to it" or it's "easier" or more comfortable than having to change the situation themselves.

Yes, change means taking responsibility for our own happiness.

Yes, change takes effort and it often feels scary.

Yes, many times change causes a ripple effect of other changes that are necessary and those can be scary, too. The ripple effects, though, aren't always bad - there can be a series of positive outcomes as a result of the one decision to change.

Yes, sometimes change doesn't have the intended outcome or result we hope for; and we may need to make additional choices and changes.

If nothing changes, though, will you be in control of your happiness; or will you just be succumbing to whatever happens to you? Will you be keeping yourself stuck? Will you ever know if things could be different?

Humans have free will. Will you take charge of your happiness and make difficult choices that can result in a different outcome?



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