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Recommended Products for Therapists

Products & Services I Use and Love

Navigating Private Practice is exciting, but it can also feel daunting! Often, there's a sense of "so much to do; too little time." There can also be a lot of confusion around where to start or what products or services to use. I hope that some of my experiences with and recommendations for the following can help you answer some of the questions you may have!*

​Electronic Health/Medical Record


I love TheraNest! It's a comprehensive program for clinical operations, including scheduling, documentation, credit card processing, insurance billing, running administrative reports, and more. The Client Portal offers exactly what I'm looking for my clients to have access to: intake paperwork, appointment requests, billing, and secure messaging. The program is user-friendly, and the TheraNest team is responsive and constantly improving the program based on their knowledge and the users' experiences and feedback. The pricing of the program (based on number of active clients) is also a huge plus, as I am only paying for what I need. I frequently recommend colleagues to check out TheraNest, especially since they have a free three-week trial.

Click to learn more and/or for a free three-week trial!

Business Cards


I use VistaPrint for my business cards. They offer a wide array of templates, or you can design yours from scratch; their interface is fairly easy to use. Iif you want help designing your card or doing something specific, they have a design service, too. It's pretty inexpensive and I found using the design service was worth it to get my cards they way I wanted it. Word to the wise - they offer a lot of sales, so wait for a good promo code (or search for one... you can almost always find a current promo code). Even when you're checking out, they'll often offer you another deal. Such as: You're buying 250 cards, checked out/paid, and now they offer you another 250 extra at an add-on lower price for limited time.

Click to learn more and/or use VistaPrint!

Marketing Materials, including Social Media


For creating flyers and other marketing materials, such as rack cards, Canva is pretty awesome. There are a lot of free items/images to use, but you can also pay for use of some more special items. While Canva offers limited printing services, you could create your materials using Canva, but have them printed with VistaPrint!

Click to learn more and/or use Canva!

Course Platform


If you plan to offer any sort of online learning or e-course, Podia is an amazing platform! It's low-cost (they offer a free trial so you can try it before signing up), simple to set up, and super user-friendly. Their support is super speedy and is able to adequately answer any questions you have!

Click to learn more and/or use Podia!


Practice Building Resources

Consultants and Facebook Groups

If you're interested in some practice building facebook groups, here are a few I recommend:

- Group Guru: Market Fill and Run Groups in Private Practice (Fantastic for groups and courses)

- The Private Practice Startup

- Abundance Practice Builders

- Online Therapists Group (specially created for online therapy)

- Moms in Private Practice (focuses on all things private practice and mom-related)

These folks are practice consultants and they host these facebook groups which are amazing resources!


CPH & Associates

I use CPH & Associates for my insurance. They are more affordable than most other companies, with slightly better coverage.

Click to learn more and/or use CPH & Associates!

*Stone Counseling & Consulting Services, LLC is providing this information as an informational resource, and assumes no liability whatsoever for your use of these products. Stone Counseling & Consulting Services, LLC may benefit from your use of referral links, but use of the referral links/referral codes is not required for you to access or utilize these services.

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